AABIP donors

AABIP donors


Our Donors represent the heart and soul of our mission driven organization. We cannot do it without you! Every donation makes a meaningful impact that is far reaching throughout all of our membership and the patients we serve daily. Because of your generosity in donating, we are able to create opportunities which continue to grow the field of interventional pulmonary in the most inclusive way. We Congratulate each of our Donors --you INSPIRE with your giving. Take a look at our SPOTLIGHT featuring one of the many ways you may designate your giving.

  • I nnovation in the field of advanced bronchoscopy and interventional pulmonary
  • N ew initiatives
  • S cientific progress and building the evidence of technologic application
  • P urposeful mission to advance patient care
  • I nclusion and growth of our membership
  • R esearch
  • E ducational tools and materials for our patients and our non physician and physician members

Neeraj Desai: Education

George Eapen: Education

Abdul “ab” Alraiyes: Education

Ara Chrissian: Education, Advocacy, General Funds & Research

Carla Lamb: Education

Essam Mekhaiel: Education

Sean Mckay: Education

Raul Mendoza: General Funds

Alfin Vicencio: Education

Abhijit Raval: Advocacy, Education & Research

Ashutosh Sachdeva: Advocacy, Education & Research

Ajay Wagh: Education

Sean Mckay: Education